The following members are teaching staff in B.Ed. The below table shows the total numbers of teaching faculty and their experience

Teaching Staff

S.No Name of the Staff Date of Birth Post Appointed Date of Joining
2. Mr. G. Venugopal 10-10-1982 Lecturer in Philosopy 12.03.2016
3. Mr. G Uday Kumar 02-12-1982 Lecturer in Psychology -do-
4. Mr. D. Govardhan 09-04-1980 Lecturer in Sociology -do-
5. Mr. V. Siva Sankar 05-07-1979 Lecturer in Perspective in
6. P. Kalavati 23-05-1986 Lecturer in Mathematics -do-
7. P.S. Sathish 03-07-1986 Lecturer in Mathematics -do-
8. M. Venugopal Reddy 13-07-1980 Lecturer in Physical Sciences -do-
9. C. Aruna Kumari 01-06-1982 Lecturer in Biological Sciences -do-
10. K. Dinad Babu 12-05-1985 Lecturer in Social Studies -do-
11. D. Hari Krishnama Raju 16-08-1976 Lecturer in Social Studies -do-
12. D. Raja Rajeswara Raju 16-11-1986 Lecturer in English -do-
13. A. Prasad 10-08-1977 Lecturer in Telugu -do-
14. J. Prasad 20-07-1981 Lecturer in Health and Physical
15. C. Nagamani 01-07-1977 Lecturer in Fine Arts -do-
16. B. Santhi Priya 14-06-1991 Lecturer in Performing Arts -do-

Non-Teaching Staff

S.No Name of the Staff Date of Birth Post Appointed Date of Joining
1. Smt. M. Anitha 04-05-1977 Librarian 12.03.2016
2. Mr. B. Muni Ramaiah 11-06-1976 Lab Assistant -do-
3. Smt. R. Geetha 23-06-1979 Office-Cum-Account
4. Smt. R. Aruna 20-06-1981 Office Assistant-Cum
Computer Operator
5. Mr. C. Ramesh Reddy 04-11-1984 Store-Keeper -do-
6. Mr. R. Senthil Kumar 01-06-1994 Technical Assistant -do-
7. Smt. K. Sujatha 05-07-1980 Helper -do-
8. Mr. M.Hema Sundar Raju 04-04-1982 Helper -do-